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The Fate of Food

New Book Spotlight

The Fate of Food: what we'll eat in a biggerhottersmarter world 

By Amanda Little

Harmony, 287 pages

Warming waters displacing fish and lobster populations are real world concerns here in Maine, but only the most local examples of threats to the world’s traditional food supplies. Author Amanda Little traveled to a dozen countries and as many states to survey the stresses on food supplies, many linked to climate change: drought in Africa threatening corn crops, erratic winter temperatures in the northeastern U.S. destroying fruit crops, wholesale waste through spoilage and the inefficient investment of agricultural resources to produce meat, among others. The Fate of Food also looks at trends and innovations in the world’s evolving food systems brought on by these challenges. Read about robotic harvesting systems, indoor farming, GMO innovations to resist drought and “meat” products grown from animal cells instead of harvested at the slaughterhouse and others.

If you wonder what will be on the world’s menu in years to come, read The Fate of Food, available at the Totman Library now.